How an outdoor kitchen is made: the design

Outdoor kitchens are aesthetically beautiful; this is an indisputable fact. However, beauty must also be combined with ease of use and technical performance, aspects that should never be underestimated when creating this type of kitchens. Therefore, we proceed in stages, the first of which is the design, that is really essential. If you are curious to understand how our designers of outdoor kitchens work, here is revealed how an outdoor kitchen is made.

There are many factors to consider: from the type of structure to the cooking tools

When designing an outdoor kitchen, many factors must be considered in order to differentiate the offer as much as possible and to do an accurate job. Just to make a quick example, you can imagine that an outdoor kitchen designed for the restaurant world will differ from a home kitchen. Therefore, it goes without saying that the cooking tools needed also influence the design of outdoor kitchens designers. Moreover, architects or designers must also consider the space available to the customer: although we are talking about outdoor kitchens, the size of the open space and the proximity to the main water and electricity connections must always be taken into account. This is one of the reasons why OF outdoorkitchens produces modular outdoor kitchens.

Always ensure an impeccable and high-level design

One thing we in OF never compromise on is to guarantee our costumers the very high level of design of our outdoor kitchens. This is the result of work entrusted to competent professionals and designers with extensive experience. Indeed, this is the only way to ensure the customer a kitchen that is tailored to his/her needs.

Modular or fixed outdoor kitchens? Here are the differences!

Regarding the complexity of the design, if you are wondering which outdoor kitchens are most versatile and “easy to make”, the answer is: modular kitchens. Here, in fact, only the sink is given as a fixed tool, while the cooking tools are movable. It goes without saying that this type of kitchens is also the cheapest compared to customised kitchens, precisely because less design work is required. Modular outdoor kitchens are ideal for those who have a small outdoor space, such as a small garden or terrace. A fixed outdoor kitchen, on the other hand, is much more complete: the design will be comparable to that of a real room, such as an indoor kitchen, therefore also including a possible cover. The result will be to have a much more comfortable environment with a consequent increase in the value of the property.

Why is design so important in an outdoor kitchen?

Why is quality design so important in an outdoor kitchen? First of all because it has to be aesthetically pleasing and, therefore, design seems essential. Secondly, a good design leads to have a functional and comfortable kitchen, that is excellent for both private individuals and restaurateurs. Therefore, the good designer takes into account the available space, the needs of the clientele and the budget, trying to satisfy all the demands. A well designed outdoor kitchen can be used for everything: from family lunch or dinner, to barbecue with friends, until professional show cooking. It is always a matter of quality.