Four myths to dispel about outdoor kitchens: advice from designers

International surveys and field studies confirm it: more than 40% of construction experts believe that 2021 is the year of outdoor kitchens, which is opening the way for a real boom over the next years. Whether due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, which led pretty much everyone to rediscover the pleasure of staying at home, or for other reasons, the increase in sales of outdoor kitchens is a fact. So, it is nice to enjoy a space of its own, where you can give free rein to your creativity. However, just as with any other type of home improvement project, things could easily go wrong if you are not followed by experienced designers. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in an outdoor cooking space, turn to professional designers and take note of these precious tips.

Your outdoor kitchen is not a traditional kitchen; it is much more!

Outdoor kitchens have special features that distinguish them from traditional kitchens and make them more practical, with an aesthetic and functions that are more suitable for outdoor life. To begin with, furniture is different. In fact, outdoor kitchen furniture is more solid than indoor models, often made of stainless steel and more durable. Secondly, an outdoor kitchen cannot do without a very important component: the barbecue. It can be charcoal, electric, American, as you wish, but it certainly distinguishes the most beautiful outdoor kitchen. When you choose the grill, remember to think about the maximum number of people you can prepare the barbecue for and how often you plan to grill, so that you make the right choice for you needs.

Do you think your outdoor kitchen is only suitable for very large spaces? Wrong!

This is absolutely not true! Why deprive you of a garden kitchen if you have a small garden? Outdoor kitchens are perfect even in small spaces, the point is to know how to adapt them. In fact, the most important thing about an outdoor kitchen is to bring the comfort of home outside. So then there is no need to live in a millionaire’s estate to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. If you have a small garden or a small terrace, even if you have a small budget, think about what you really need in your outdoor kitchen and consider your priorities while also thinking about aesthetic of design.

The use of flammable materials can be a bad idea

Are you thinking of building a wood island for your outdoor kitchen? Reconsider, it is a bad idea. We advise against using wood or other combustible materials for the barbecue. Instead, choose materials such as metal, one for all stainless steel. However, if you really want to use wood for your barbecue island, make sure to at least install a sort of thermal insulation around the wood to prevent fires.

Setting up a space to entertain guests is essential

You probably want an outdoor kitchen to relax, not only to cook. Therefore, do not forget to also think about a space for outdoor fun and relaxation. Then think about the seating: do you want a dining table a few meters away from the grill, or do you prefer to have bar stools covering your outdoor kitchen island? You could also supplement this with a television, music, heating or air conditioners, in short, anything that can make you feel good. Always considering the budget, of course.