Everything you need to know about outdoor kitchens: the most frequently asked questions

When choosing an outdoor kitchen, many questions are asked to the designer and manufacturer of this type of environment designed for the home. Doubts, perplexities and requests find space in this article, in which we try to give all the answers to the questions asked by those who are thinking of installing an outdoor kitchen in the garden or in any other space. Everything you need to know about outdoor kitchens: the most frequently asked questions to our dealers… with their answers!

Is it possible to install an outdoor kitchen near the sea?

Yes, with absolute tranquility and without any doubt. The stainless steel outdoor kitchens treated with cutting-edge techniques, such as those made by Officine Fanesi, can be installed in any outdoor environment. In fact, they are designed to withstand all weather conditions such as wind, salt, rain, snow and even hail and ice. In addition to the best quality stainless steel, treated with alloys that make them impact and scratch resistant, the best outdoor kitchens also have special ceramics and glass. However, the advice is to always cover the outdoor kitchen with a special cloth if it remains unused for a long time.

What if you want to place the outdoor kitchen in a mountain chalet?

Also in this case, there would be no problem. What has been said for the environments near the sea applies equally to the low temperatures that can be found at high altitude in the mountains. Therefore, we use the same gaskets that are used in fridges and freezers. This means special techniques which allow the resistance of materials from extremely low temperatures (even -50° centigrade) to extremely high temperatures. For this reason, if you want kitchens made of stainless steel and then painted, you can undoubtedly do it. In fact, the paints used in the latest models of outdoor kitchens are highly resistant to bad weather and UV rays because they are treated with polyester.

Regarding appliances: can brands other than the manufacturer be used?

The answer is yes. You do not necessarily have to use only the brand of the manufacturer of the outdoor kitchen, but you can also use appliances of different brands and that are not in partnership with the manufacturer of the kitchen. In this case, however, the warranties will be separate, to be followed separately. Therefore, while the warranty of an outdoor kitchen lasts two years (as required by the Consumer Code), for appliances all brands used must be considered individually.

How are the sealing materials, opening systems and screws made?

The advantage of relying on qualified manufacturers of outdoor kitchens also lies in the possibility to count on sealing materials, screws and opening systems that are ideal for any situation. The screws, for example, must always be certified as suitable for outdoor use and resistant to salt and salt spray. The opening systems should preferably consist of hinges with synchronization and slow down systems. Lastly, the sealing materials must be treated so as to resist the oxidation caused by any atmospheric agent in order to be at the top of the range.

How to understand if the outdoor kitchen is environmentally friendly?

Attention should be paid to the eco-sustainability of the materials used by the manufacturer of the outdoor kitchens. Make sure that the products are fully recyclables and the materials are of the highest quality and with green certifications.