EuroCucina 2024

EuroCucina 2024: The Innovations Presented by OF outdoorkitchens

The sixty-first edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan has just concluded, and we at OF outdoorkitchens are proud to have once again showcased our outdoor kitchens at the most important international event in the furniture and design landscape.

Following the post-pandemic rebirth of June 2022, this latest edition of EuroCucina provided us with the opportunity to elevate the world of outdoor kitchens, of which we are pioneers, by offering an increasingly complete range of modules and presenting a novel model, alternative to the well-known versions from Via Nolfi. In this article, we will take you with us on the journey from the origins to the presentation of our latest innovations.

New from OF outdoorkitchens: wooden fronts, stone fronts, and a novel model

The outdoor market is growing, and with it, so are we, loving the challenge of satisfying the most diverse tastes and styles. We have worked long to create even more refined alternatives for lovers of elegance, and even more accessible solutions for those who want to enrich their outdoor space without overspending. For this reason, we are now able to offer a highly diversified proposal that embraces the needs of customers from different realities and countries around the world.

New finishes: wooden and stone fronts

The first novelty presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024 concerns the finishes of the fronts. Traditionally designed exclusively in stainless steel, they can now be made in Teak, Dekton, and Laminam, all materials that resist external climatic factors and enhance the aesthetic effect of the kitchens without sacrificing inherent durability.

Teak Wood

Considered the best wood in the world for outdoor use, Teak wood has become in recent years the undisputed protagonist of all those objects and structures that require particular resistance to weathering. Initially used for naval constructions, where strong impermeability and high resistance to temperature fluctuations, humidity, and salt are needed, Teak is a wood that never “swells,” despite being subject to aging and wear. Over time, in fact, Teak wears out: it is therefore essential to remove surface dirt daily with water and a sponge, and to revive the color with specific cleaners or finishes when necessary.
In addition to being functional, Teak is also very beautiful to look at. An exotic and precious wood, obtained from the Tectona plant, available today only in Africa and Asia, it manages to confer quality and elegance to every environment. It is no coincidence that most contemporary outdoor furniture shouts its name, bringing with it the high quality hidden by its aesthetic charm.

Dekton and Laminam

On one hand, Dekton, an ultra-compact technical stone born from a sophisticated mix of minerals, on the other, Laminam, a ceramic material composed of natural raw materials. Both already present in the range of finishes offered by OF outdoorkitchens, are now also used for the fronts, thanks to their intrinsic characteristics. Ideal for outdoor use, in fact, Dekton and Laminam are equipped with strong resistance to weathering, high temperatures, UV rays, scratches, impacts, and wear. Moreover, being non-porous, they are extremely easy to maintain: just use hot water, a neutral detergent, and a soft cloth for daily cleaning, and specific detergents in the presence of more stubborn stains.

A novel model: Porta Maggiore

No longer just Via Nolfi. At the Salone del Mobile, we presented our brand new model named after the majestic medieval gate that welcomes visitors to the city of Fano: Porta Maggiore, a fusion of history and modernity that embraces our attention to price and functionality. With a limited range of modules and finishes, Porta Maggiore is the outdoor kitchen with an unparalleled quality-price ratio.
With a rigorous and clean design, the new outdoor kitchen signed OF outdoorkitchens abandons the groove opening to introduce comfortable handles, to be combined chromatically with front panels and plinths. It features well-defined sides and back even without the addition of covers, painted cases, and tops in stainless steel or stone. But the real revolution is the material of the structure: Magnelis.

For those unfamiliar, Magnelis is a flat carbon steel coated with a zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its characteristics are reminiscent of stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance, but at a significantly lower cost. A material, in short, that allows us to maintain quality while reducing costs.

Showrooms and sales points, waiting for 2026

If you did not attend the Salone del Mobile but want to see our novelties firsthand, we remind you that our showroom in Marche and our sales points in Italy and around the world are always ready to welcome you! With a team of expert technicians and an ever-expanding commercial network, we are already back at work to meet you, meet your needs, and arrive at the Salone del Mobile in 2026 even more energized!