Do you love the luxury? Here are some design ideas for a deluxe outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are always beautiful, even in small spaces. However, they are at their best in large spaces treated in detail, both in terms of materials and design. If you are a lover of luxury, beauty is your signature style and you have the possibility to create a deluxe outdoor kitchen in your home, here are some ideas for such solutions, with our modular stainless steel kitchens.

The kitchen in the garden with steel alternating with stone

Let’s say you have a rather large garden, and an outdoor kitchen would be the best way to enhance this space. A suggestion we can give you is to make the design impeccable. One possibility is to alternate the stainless steel of the kitchen with beautiful stone tiles, both for the shelves and the floor. Then add some new colonial-style furniture to make the whole thing extremely chic: wicker chairs with a tight weave, for example, give a natural feel to the whole environment. To complete, you could add coffee tables and side tables in wood, matching the same style in which you have made the furniture. A view of the garden and everything is perfect. Just remember that it is important to have high quality and durable stainless steel appliances in outdoor kitchens, especially if you are in rather wet or rainy places.

A large barbecue in the middle of the room

If for you the barbecue is the soul of an outdoor kitchen and you are the type who loves to receive guests for barbecues and carefree meetings with friends and family, then consider a large, well-structured barbecue. You could, for example, place it against the wall. You should certainly give preference to stainless steel, while if you want a safety plus, then choose a concrete floor, so that in the event of the dispersion of sparks there will be no danger. Also consider including a stainless steel splash guard, which makes cleaning easier. The entertainment area could be designed with a large television, a spacious table and chairs. Serve bartender style drinks on the kitchen island and then end the evening sitting on high stools (black or whatever colour you prefer).

Moments of relaxation on the patio or on the terrace

iardYou do not have a garden, but your house may have a large terrace or a back patio. In this case, consider stone tiles to make up the floor of the deck, adding a modern touch to your home. For the bar area and the walls, you could opt for characteristic layer bricks, especially if your home is in the hills or in the mountains. The table should have sturdy chairs so that you and your family can enjoy nice and long dinners together. And for the unfailing master of the grill (that maybe it’s you who reads), inevitable will be the steel barbecue. Finally, do not forget the small furnishings, including a wall clock and beautiful plants. Stainless steel is the main material in an outdoor kitchen of this type: from the barbecue to the fridge, through other doors and drawers. This is because it is shock and weather resistant and also because it aesthetically has the advantage of always looking like new. Finally, if you like, in the mountains you could consider a fireplace with powerful fans to remove excess smoke and grease.