Deluxe outdoor kitchens: when luxury meets practicality

A stylish outdoor kitchen can be a really practical solution if you want to enjoy an outdoor space such as a patio, a garden, a terrace, an area in front of the pool, an attic, etc. We have often talked about outdoor kitchens for all budges and available to everyone. Today we want to focus on deluxe outdoor kitchens: projects with a futuristic design that are on display in some prestigious villas around the world. Let’s see some examples, to dream big and create the perfect furniture for outdoor cooking.

Minimalist design and huge customization possibilities

The first thing you notice when you look at the deluxe outdoor kitchens is the minimalism of the features, in contrast to the precision with which they are made. Perfect lines, highest quality materials and accessories that would make a starred chef die of envy. A second typical feature of deluxe outdoor kitchens is the possibility to customize any module, even the steel processing. The Officine Fanesi business unit, for example, does just that: the custom sizes, the ad hoc modules and the processing on steel surface required by the clients, offer to the latter the opportunity to create a real work of art in their garden, which is also beautiful to look at. Where there is no need to make “extreme” customizations, we recommend the OF outdoorkitchens line, which is certainly cheaper but still of great aesthetic impact. Maintenance is also guaranteed as a very simple procedure. In a garden furniture worthy of respect, tables and chairs are made with the same steel of the kitchen.

Single unit deluxe outdoor kitchens: almost like sculptures

It is interesting to note that in some luxury homes, owners choose outdoor kitchens with a steel worktop made of a single seamless sheet: the best for those who want an extremely stylish kitchen. In this case, the steel ensures a quick cleaning and a safe hygiene, as well as an outstanding visual impact.

The choice of the barbecue in the deluxe outdoor kitchens

The major factor to consider before deciding which barbecue to buy is the number of people you want to cook for. If barbecuing is a way to gather friends and entertain large groups of people, you should consider a large gas BBQ. Professional gas barbecues give you the possibility to choose the number of burners. For an average number of people, it is recommended to use a device with three/four burners while, for larger groups, many brands offer up to six burners. The number of burners on a gas barbecue also determines the direct and indirect cooking method (that is you can choose to cook directly over the flame or sideways). For example, a two-burner model gives you the possibility to turn down or off a burner and place the food on the off side to do indirect cooking. A four-burner model gives you even more options: you can turn off two or even three burners and use that space to indirectly grill while you cook something else directly over the flame.