Dekton: Do you know what it is? Let's discover this material

Dekton: Do you know what it is? Let’s discover this material

Often when you hear about outdoor kitchens, the term “Dekton” often comes up, a name frequently used to describe the material that outdoor kitchen furniture is made of. But do you know what it is? Today, we want to tell you about this special composite that we at OF outdoorkitchens also use for our kitchens and love.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is an ultra-compact material created and patented by the Spanish company Cosentino. It is the result of years of research and development in the solid surface industry. Its composition is a mixture of highly compressed natural materials, including glass, porcelain, and quartz. This unique combination gives Dekton exceptional strength and incredible durability. Its production process involves sintering raw materials at very high temperatures and pressures, similar to the process used in the formation of natural stones. The result is an ultra-compact slab available in a wide range of colors and finishes, suitable for various applications, including kitchen countertops, flooring, cladding, and much more.

What are its features and advantages?

We often say that Dekton is among the materials that make an ideal choice for outdoor kitchens and many other applications. This is because it is known for several exceptional characteristics that make it unmatched. Here are some:

  • Weather Resistance: It is highly resistant to weather conditions, including UV rays, rain, snow, and frost. This resistance makes it perfect for outdoor kitchens, where the material is constantly exposed to the elements.
  • High Heat Resistance: It can withstand extreme temperatures without damage or discoloration. This is perfect for outdoor cooktops and barbecues where intense heat is a constant.
  • Scratch and Wear Resistance: Thanks to its compact and hard composition, Dekton is highly resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear. It becomes a practical choice for kitchens where sharp utensils and heavy objects may be frequently used.
  • Easy Maintenance: Non-porous and stain-resistant, it is easy to clean. A hygienic option for kitchens where regular cleaning is essential.

What Sets Dekton Kitchen Countertops Apart from Others

There are several reasons why this material stands out from others commonly used. One of Dekton’s strengths is its ability to harmoniously integrate into any kitchen style. The wide range of available colors and finishes allows customization of the kitchen countertop based on aesthetic preferences. Additionally, Dekton’s durability makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including worktops, kitchen islands, tables, and bar tops. Its versatility and ability to withstand heavy use make it a highly appreciated choice among designers and homeowners. Another distinctive aspect is its ability to resist weather conditions, making it an ideal option for outdoor kitchens where longevity is essential. Dekton’s heat resistance is particularly advantageous for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, allowing you to place hot pots and pans directly on the surface without concerns.

How to Clean It: Some Useful Tips

Cleaning and maintaining Dekton are relatively simple due to its stain resistance and low porosity. However, it is important to follow some instructions to ensure it remains in perfect condition over time. For daily cleaning, simply use hot water and a neutral detergent. Avoid abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners as they could damage the surface. We recommend using a sponge or a soft cloth to prevent scratches. For stubborn stains, such as grease or wine stains, you can use a specific stain remover on the surface. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly after use.