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Outdoor Kitchen and Pool: Buying and Layout Guide

For maximum outdoor enjoyment, building an outdoor kitchen near a pool is an intriguing solution to create your garden oasis. Although there are some considerations, this configuration offers numerous advantages for entertainment and outdoor living. Today on our blog, we discuss this and how to choose outdoor kitchens from OF outdoorkitchens.

Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pool

Constructing an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the pool has many enjoyable advantages. This layout allows both the cook and guests to socialize, swim, sunbathe, eat, and drink in an outdoor living space in the backyard. You can include a barista station and a refrigerator in the design of your outdoor kitchen so you can prepare and serve drinks by the poolside. You can also position your outdoor kitchen in the shade, thanks to a pergola, gazebo, or a covered with a ceiling, so you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing summer day by the pool and then refresh with food and drinks away from the sun. A refreshing pool next to your beautiful luxury kitchen will ensure you are the ideal host for garden parties and barbecues.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool

The key considerations when purchasing an outdoor kitchen near the pool are the placement, exposure to moisture and pool chemicals, as well as sun exposure. When planning your outdoor space, you need to be aware of where you will position your kitchen in relation to your pool. Ideally, your outdoor kitchen will be close to the pool, but you won’t want it exposed to excessive humidity, saltwater, or chemicals, right? Also, spending some time in the shade would be a welcome relief after splashing in the water under the sun all day! Considering these factors, the best placement for your outdoor kitchen is under a pergola or other covered patio solutions with space for garden chairs or a lounge area between the pool and the cooking area.

Also, consider the shape and layout

Regardless of where the kitchen will be positioned in relation to the pool, any layout should work in your project. There are many design ideas in this case to choose from, but you should opt for the one that best suits your entertainment and food preparation needs. A straight row of furniture, for example, will leave plenty of open space between the kitchen and the pool for lounge chairs or a sitting area. L-shaped, U-shaped, and G-shaped outdoor kitchens are great options for incorporating bar seating, allowing guests to step out of the pool and sit at the outdoor bar for a refreshing drink. Furthermore, these poolside outdoor kitchen layouts provide work triangles for efficient food preparation and cooking for outdoor dining after a fun day.

Why Choose OF outdoorkitchens Outdoor Kitchens

Positioning the outdoor kitchen near the pool, humidity and saltwater can inevitably become an issue, as they contribute to rust and decay. OF outdoorkitchens manufactures durable and weather-resistant outdoor kitchen furniture in stainless steel, available in a variety of powder-coated finishes. These finishes are not only beautiful but also minimize the maintenance of your outdoor kitchen. For exceptional durability of your garden kitchen, especially in any case of humidity, exposure to pool chemicals, or regular cleaning, OF outdoorkitchens can also provide you with a care and cleaning guide to ensure that your outdoor kitchen is properly cleaned and maintained.