Cooking a pizza outdoors: all the secrets

A pizza oven is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. The reason is quite simple. Not only does it produce delicious pizzas, but it can cook many other foods. Usually made from brick, stone, or concrete, outdoor pizza ovens can be easily built on a wooden deck. When they are placed in the garden, they will surely make all your friends and family happy. But if you think that it will take a lot of space and you need to create a new cooking area for your outdoor kitchen to enjoy its advantages, we tell you that it’s not so. A small space will be enough if you don’t have a large garden available but you want that special feeling for your outdoor cooking environment.

What are the best garden pizza ovens

Like everyone thinking of adding an outdoor pizza oven in the backyard, patio, or elsewhere on their property, you probably like the idea of gathering friends and family in front of great food. Beyond socializing, though, another advantage of adding a pizza oven is that it increases the value of your home. Sure, you have to spend a bit. But the truth is that you should consider this expense an investment. There are many outdoor pizza ovens on the market and you can find them in different styles. That being said, one of the best in our opinion is the outdoor gas masonry oven because it has a large cooking space for pizzas (or other dishes) that need to be cooked at high temperatures. Another interesting option is the wood-fired pizza oven, perfect if you’re the adventurous type who likes to do things the old-fashioned way.

What to cook in a pizza oven

With an outdoor pizza oven, obviously, you can cook pizza. But that’s not all you can cook! Other foods that are excellently cooked in this type of oven include:

  • Meat, vegetables, and fish
  • Breads with dough prepared thinking of the pizza oven
  • Sweets such as galettes and calzones
  • Roasted potatoes of all kinds: sweet potatoes for salads, salty potatoes for soups and sauces, etc.

In short, it is called a pizza oven because it predominantly bakes pizzas, but it is an oven for all kinds of food.

Don’t have a pizza oven? Barbecue is perfect too!

Cooking a pizza on a gas barbecue may seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice, you can achieve a delicious and crispy pizza. Before you start, turn on your gas barbecue and let it heat up to a temperature of 230-260 degrees. While the barbecue is heating up, roll out the dough, applying the tomato sauce, mozzarella, and other ingredients of your choice. The key to getting a well-cooked pizza on a gas barbecue is to use a pizza stone. This should be placed on the barbecue while it is heating up to allow it to reach the right temperature.

Once the pizza stone is hot, carefully transfer the pizza to be cooked onto the stone, close the lid of the barbecue, and cook for 10-15 minutes. The stone will distribute the heat evenly, ensuring perfect cooking. Finally, open the lid, check that the crust is golden and the mozzarella is well melted. Serve your freshly cooked pizza straight from the gas barbecue, enjoying a unique flavor that only this cooking method can offer. Bon appetit!

Transform your outdoor living space

Having an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue is not only a great advantage for cooking tasty pizzas, but it literally transforms your outdoor living space into a versatile culinary destination. This transformation allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful sunny days, cooking and dining under the open sky, experiencing a cooking experience different from the domestic one.
In addition to improving the quality of the food, outdoor cooking adds a unique social element: it’s a great opportunity to gather friends and family, encouraging the sharing of convivial moments around homemade dishes.