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Countertops for Outdoor Kitchens: Which Are the Best and How to Choose Them

You have decided to purchase an outdoor kitchen, but now you are in the initial stages of design and are considering countertops to match the 100% stainless steel furniture from OF outdoorkitchens. Certainly, our architects, designers, and planners can provide valuable advice in our showroom and offices. Our elegant outdoor kitchens can be completed with coordinated countertops in any material you desire: quartz, natural stone, and other architectural surfaces. Here, however, we’ll give you some interesting ideas.

Outdoor Countertops and Stainless Steel: A Perfect Match

The combination of outdoor countertops and stainless steel furniture from OF outdoorkitchens offers nearly limitless design possibilities for homeowners who want to create a tranquil retreat in their backyard, patio, or garden. This space can be used for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. Surfaces made with sophisticated blends of glass, porcelain, and quartz, for example, provide resistance to UV rays for color stability outdoors, exceptional durability, high resistance to impacts, scratches, and abrasions for use in high-traffic areas, as well as almost no water absorption. The thermal shock resistance of these countertops against heat, frost, and thaw allows for their use in any climate and a multitude of outdoor applications. You can choose colors and finishes according to your taste.

Here are our suggestions for you:

  • For a modern outdoor kitchen by the sea, we suggest pairing the classic steel finish on a louvered door with our basic worktops. This light gray and white combination exudes sophistication from every inch while also adding a touch of warmth, avoiding a sterile environment.
  • To create a more traditional outdoor kitchen, warm tones of gold and bronze can provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Choosing a Pompeian gold finish on a beadboard-style door enhances the colors of the embossed lacquered stainless steel worktop.
  • If your design-construction clients want to recreate their indoor kitchen with typical wooden cabinets, our innovative and realistic vintage stainless steel finishes are the way to go. As an added advantage, unlike real wood, they won’t rot, warp, or break. To complete the wood grain finishes, you can choose a Corten steel worktop.
  • For a more masculine look, you can never go wrong with shades of black and gray. The combination of a platinum-colored coating finish and a dark worktop is very elegant. We suggest a Caribbean style door for a bold look or a slotted door for added depth, and the end result will be extraordinary!

Regardless of your preferences, there will surely be a combination of our finishes with countertops that suits your personal style!

The goal of this article, like the rest of our blog, is for the staff at OF outdoorkitchens to provide useful information on relevant topics to help you, our reader/customer, make informed decisions about your outdoor living spaces. For all design details, personalized advice, and choices for outdoor kitchens, come and visit us; we’ll be delighted to assist you.