Can an outdoor kitchen increase the value of your home?

Some of our customers often ask us a question: how much does an outdoor kitchen add to the value of the house? Can it increase and assess the value to make it higher? If you, who read our blog, are wondering, we can tell you that we at OF are obviously not financial and estate operators, but we know with certainty that an outdoor kitchen is an attractive addition to your home. It is practical and offers you more usable living areas. In any case, we thought to dedicate a post to this question.


The reasons why your home will increase in value with an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can add great value to your home for four basic reasons, which we will see one by one:

  • Practicality;
  • Appeal (i.e. aesthetic appeal);
  • Timing (especially on when to sell your home);
  • Aspect of the house, which will look bigger.


Practicality: an investment which will last you 10 years and more

An outdoor kitchen is an investment that will last 10 years or more, provided you proceed to a good maintenance of this space and clean your appliances constantly. This way you can organize barbecues, enjoy parties and sociality with friends and family or cook for yourself outdoors. If you cook more often on the grill during spring and summer, you will then be able to keep your indoor kitchen much cleaner, which will benefit your home.

Appeal (i.e. aesthetic appeal): so you impress potential buyers

If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale in the future, you should know that an outdoor kitchen has a considerable appeal on potential buyers. An outdoor kitchen, although it requires a little more work than other spaces, is one of those spaces that could really influence people who want to buy a nice house. In the initial project, for example, design it together with a swimming pool. Although it may not be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities, a well built and maintained swimming pool, next to an outdoor kitchen, can generate a lot of positive appeal and capture the attention of neighbours, visitors and friends. Take this into account also for the word of mouth. To potential buyers, then, an outdoor kitchen will seem incredibly attractive. It could also be the turning point for the purchase! Maybe other houses do not have an outdoor kitchen, but yours does, and this works clearly in your favour in the luxury home sales sector.

Timing: if you sell in spring or summer you have a better chance of success

What will make your outdoor kitchen even more interesting? An idea could be to put your home up for sale in time for spring or summer season. This will trigger in those who have to buy a kind of visualisation of himself/herself while using the kitchen! Conversely, if everything is packed, as is the case in winter, your outdoor kitchen will not give you any plus to increase the value of your home, unless there is a covered area. However, summer is the ideal season for these negotiations, so as to highlight all the strengths of this space.

Your home will look bigger

A final important aspect of the construction of an outdoor kitchen is that it will make your home look bigger. Especially in the summer, you’ll be outside more often to cook lunch and dinner. You might as well set up some tables and chairs to make your outdoor kitchen a place where the family can relax and enjoy the weather. The value of the property will certainly increase.