Californian style outdoor kitchen? All the tips to create one

The United States is known for its beautiful outdoor kitchens. To be precise, just a few of these states, namely those that can enjoy the good weather for several months per year. Among these is certainly California, which as a design often offers outdoor kitchens full of colour, style and organized spaces. In these outdoor kitchens, some of the common additions to a courtyard/garden space include a relax area, entertainment, a fireplace, a pool and shading options. If you want and can recreate a similar one at your home, read our tips.

Ideas for Californian style outdoor living spaces

Here then are some of the most common ideas for Californian style outdoor living space, which will all create a truly irresistible atmosphere for your family and guests.

Fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Very popular in California, outdoor kitchens here are fully equipped and offer plenty of comforts and entertainments, for all the moments together outdoors on the patio.

Relaxation area. An outdoor space can be an extension of your indoor living space, complete with relaxation area or living room, we have seen it several times. The California style outdoor kitchens then provide a rather spacious relaxation area, with sofas, chaise longues, coffee tables.

Entertainment. What could be better than an oasis of outdoor entertainment? These days you might even think about video games or streaming platforms, which can serve you for any occasion: from a party to relaxation after an evening meal.

Fireplace. An outdoor fireplace brings all the comfort of the interiors to the “outside”. Providing warmth and a cosy ambience, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to gather on a cool night holding a drink or herbal tea (take your pick).

Pool. If you have the option of installing a pool next to an outdoor kitchen, know that all this will lead to many advantages for spending more time with the family, also adding the outdoor barbecues and parties. In full Californian mood, after all.

California Room. We have already come across the option of the California Room in other articles, i.e. spaces that offer shade and protection from the elements. A California Room is then an enclosed space, with windows or screens, that can contain everything you need to relax.

The advantages of a Californian style outdoor kitchen

The advantages of a Californian style outdoor space are many. We point out a few of them.

Increase in the resale value. A Californian style outdoor kitchen alone significantly increases the resale value of your home.

Incomparable comfort. By bringing the comforts of interior design outdoors, the convenience is unparalleled. A living space with an outdoor kitchen, seating on the patio and entertainment options will be comfortable and pleasant just like your indoor home.

Food and entertainment. You can organize parties or a celebration, a ceremony, right in your garden, without renting expensive premises. In addition, you can prepare delicious food in your outdoor kitchen, drive into the pool and then spend the evening relaxing by the fireplace, watching your favourite show. A dream that could very well become reality.

Enhancement of your personal style. Designing your outdoor living space is an opportunity to enhance your personal style. Use colour, texture, layout and design to your advantage to create a completely new aesthetic.


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