Are outdoor kitchens convenient and comfortable only in summer?

Outdoor kitchens are convenient and comfortable only in summer”. Anyone who thinks that way proves to have little knowledge of the outdoor kitchens topic. Indeed, if well designed and made, an outdoor kitchen can be functional and relaxing all year round, even in winter! All you need to do is take the right measures so that you can continue to welcome your guests in the garden, on the terrace or on the patio with your kitchen in every season. The months of September and October are then ideal for staying out even in the evening, with the air starting to get crisp but not yet cold, having a snack and chatting with friends, recharged by the summer that has just passed. Here are a few tips for enjoying your outdoor kitchen even more.

Add a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen project

It may seem strange to you, but adding a fireplace or a pellet stove to your outdoor spaces (indoor, of course) will allow you to stay in the garden until the beginning of winter. The use of porticos and open spaces will thus be extended, and you can enjoy your lunches or breaks with friends until the end of November (weather permitting). An idea to prepare, for example, mulled wine or roasted chestnuts. Take care of the armchairs furniture to make everything more comfortable and, why not, add some warm and fluffy blankets for the guests more sensitive to the cold.

Choose large worktops with durable materials

In contrast to summer dishes, which are easy to prepare and do not need much effort, preparations in the kitchen require more space already in autumn. Therefore, try to provide yourself with fairly large worktops for your outdoor kitchen. Indeed, the latter are as important as the hobs. So, especially if you like to engage in a challenging or chief’s cuisine, the more the better. Also pay attention to the materials: keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen is subject to atmospheric agents. Therefore, choose steel, micro-cement and other materials that are resistant to the action of time and that can be easily cleaned, even just with a soft microfiber cloth. Obviously, you must not forget the sink, which is the most functional part of an outdoor kitchen. Indeed, what would be the point of having such a kitchen if you then have to go in and out of the indoor kitchen to rinse and wash dishes and ingredients?

What about the pantry?

Outdoor kitchens have a unique charm, which is further enhanced by the feeling of having everything available. Therefore, even with the arrival of autumn, it will be very important to have an outdoor fridge in which to keep all your favourite drinks or some ready to cook food, or a pantry to store the dishes and the tools that you might need for your culinary preparations, without going back and forth from the indoor kitchen.

Barbecue, grills or wood oven

Finally, the highlights of the outdoor kitchens: the barbecue, grills or wood oven for making pizzas. Choose according to your way of being, but know that a barbecue, if well designed and made, will be very useful and will allow you to cook practically everything: from meat to vegetables, to bread and bruschetta.

Are you still in doubt about being able to enjoy an outdoor kitchen in almost any season?