After the Salone del Mobile OF focuses on the next goals

We returned from the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan full of satisfaction and enriched with experiences, after an exciting week, made of stimuli for reflection on a new concept of living. As OF outdoorkitchens brand we were also present at the EuroCucina biennial event, now in its 23rd year, also thanks to the contribution of FTK -Technology For the Kitchen, the collateral proposal dedicated to built-in appliances and their evolution.

Key concepts for the outdoor kitchen of the future: sustainability and efficiency

Together with the other 82 exhibiting companies at EuroCucina (on 16 thousand square meters of exhibition space!) we focused on the key concepts of sustainability and efficiency. Indeed, the kitchen (and even more the outdoor one) is no longer just a functional area in which food is cooked, meals are prepared and that’s it, but it establishes itself as a central reception area par excellence, a place of relationships and socialization as is the case for the equivalent internal environment. A new outdoor hearth, therefore, revisited with new, increasingly functional materials, to make it become an interconnected, super-efficient, professional space but without forgetting its emotional side.

Contemporary design and ease of use our starting points

All this was appreciated by those who visited the exhibition area and our stand. In particular, enthusiasm has been shown for the contemporary design linked to the technological innovation, in addition to state-of-the-art performance. Without forgetting the energy efficiency and the ease of use that have always been counted as characteristics of OF outdoorkitchens’ proposals, also displayed at EuroCucina. New shapes, colours and materials contribute to define this space as a place of conviviality and interaction with the outside world, in addition to the detail, not insignificant, that the OF outdoor kitchens are made of absolutely recyclable material, in a real concept of sustainable architecture, low or zero impact on the environment.

Challenges for the future: increasingly combining the concept of beauty with functionality

Now we will focus on our next goals, always keeping in mind what is the basis of all our production choices: the sustainability and well-being of the person, finally back at the centre of the design creativity. After all, it is precisely with these values in mind that our brand has become, over the years, an industry benchmark in the production of modular steel outdoor kitchens. With our ideas that we can without hesitation define as “revolutionary”, we managed slowly to eradicate the old concept of fruition, combining it with that of the enjoyment of the outdoor spaces. Everything that is considered “beautiful” in shapes, lines and design, we have combined it with the eternal material par excellence: steel. The result? An avant-garde design with aesthetic solutions of great value used to expand the boundaries of outdoor spaces. Life is outdoors, that is why you must not give up the comforts of being able to cook in the garden or on the terrace, with a professional barbecue and all the tools needed to consolidate the relationship between conviviality and personality. This we never forget, ready as we are to make ourselves increasingly known abroad and in other international markets.