A TV in your outdoor kitchen? Here are the smartest ideas

With the growing desire for outdoor life and entrainment, even outdoor accessories are gaining a foothold in consumer preferences. Including several features in your space outside the house is a great way to improve outdoor home design capability. In this article we see then how the options available from OF outdoorkitchens will give you the freedom to design a beautiful and durable outdoor kitchen, also thanks to the addition of an outdoor TV.

How to choose an outdoor TV

An outdoor television should be chosen according to your needs and the budget you have available. Many people opt for a less expansive TV, since it will eventually be cheaper to replace it than a deluxe one. Although there are outdoor televisions suitable for various budgets, the cost of outdoor televisions is related to other factors, such as the ability to handle exposure to sunlight and temperature fluctuations. These factors will also affect the location of your outdoor TV. For example, some outdoor televisions have a wide range of brightness properties, which makes them functional even in areas with full sun exposure. The more expansive will have more flexibility for outdoor placement due to their greater resistance to the surrounding environment.

The advantages of an outdoor kitchen with TV

The best outdoor life experiences will incorporate every element of entertainment and space management, from socializing with guests around the TV to cooking, eating and drinking. Designing an outdoor kitchen and including a TV with a specific technology will provide a kind of “complete entertainment package”, for you and your guests. This in fact, between the outdoor kitchen and a seating area, will provide a relaxing area for cooking a meal or watching a game or a movie, giving you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor kitchen and living more or less in the same way as you would indoors.

The best layouts for an outdoor kitchen with TV

But what are the kitchen layouts that best match with an outdoor television? They will certainly be functional. Determining the function of your outdoor TV in your space will establish its placement in relation to your kitchen and/or outdoor seating area. For example, do you want the television to be located in the area usable by the chef or do you want to design a relaxing entertainment area for you guests away from your outdoor kitchen? Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may be able to place the TV in an outdoor dining area for optimal viewing of both the chef and guests. If, instead, the area that you want to furnish includes a separate outdoor living room with seating, it would be advisable to include this technological device in the seating area rather than in your outdoor kitchen for a relaxing atmosphere. In case of kitchen in the garden, you will need to pay special attention to the location: for example, place the TV away from outdoor cooking areas. You will then have to consider factors that will also affect TV viewing: you do not think about it, but times of the day such as sunrise and sunset have a very different light, as well as your outdoor space is shaded. These considerations will be very useful in determining the best layout for your outdoor kitchen and the most suitable outdoor TV model for your space.

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