A successful barbecue in your outdoor kitchen? Follow these tips

Tell the truth: do you have a brand new outdoor kitchen and can not wait to inaugurate it with a nice poolside barbecue? Do not wait for the Easter holidays, a nice sunny day is enough. As the weather starts to get nice and warm, then, take note of these tips to become a poolside barbecue master again for this summer.

Invite your friends and share the fun

You do not have to invent expensive and formal invitations for a pool party or barbecue. A text message, an e-mail or a Facebook invitation will be more than enough. An important thing to think about when it comes to inviting your guests is determining the correct number of people. If you ask 30 friends to join you for a poolside barbecue, you might have a little trouble. This is because it is a huge commitment to prepare food for so many people. And then you might also overestimate the size of your pool and outdoor kitchen area. Better therefore to be among a few friends. At this point, think about what time you would like to give your barbecue party: is it better at lunchtime, or while the sun sets? Finally, let your guests know what they should bring: towels, food, drinks and beers might come in handy.

Plan ahead

You will be able to enjoy the day much more if you plan ahead. Once you know how many guests to expect, you will be able to realize what you really need. Specifically think about:

Food: This is probably the most important aspect of your barbecue. Get the most appetizing meats, and also vegetables for vegetarians. Prepare everything correctly to ensure that all your guests are impressed and satisfied.

Drinks: You and your friends, colleagues or family members will certainly need refreshing drinks for all tastes for a spring day by the pool. If you do not have a fridge or convenient access to the fridge near the pool, get one before the event or ask someone else to bring one.
Accessories: dishes, cutlery, cups and paper napkins will come in handy. Prepare your outdoor kitchen well and stock it with everything you need.

Offer a wide variety of drinks

Cold beer, cold drinks, juices and refreshing lemonade are all good options for your poolside barbecue. Do not forget to also have plenty of water on hand (maybe flavoured with orange or lime slices and mint), because people can dehydrate quickly when they are in the sun all day. Keep everything in the fridge and get plenty of ice. A good idea is to rely on colourful plastic cups, so you will not have the anxiety that the glass might break.

Master the grill and barbecue

The grill is the place where barbecue champions are formed. Before your friends arrive, make sure everything works and is in good condition. Always keep a few simple options on hand that you know you can prepare correctly: hot dogs and hamburgers, for example, are great for beginners. If instead you are more experienced, you can try your hand at more elaborate preparations. If you are cooking chicken, you might, for example, want to invest in a thermometer so as not to overcook or undercook the meat. Remember to season the meats in advance and they will be ready to be grilled when your guests arrive. Finally, ask your friends if they have dietary restrictions to follow or personal tastes (vegans, etc.). Do not be afraid to say yes when someone offers to add a side dish or dessert: make guests participate too.

With an OF outdoor kitchen, you will always be super organized to welcome all the guests you want with great comfort, and your barbecues will be a success.