A pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen? Why not?

You have heard so much about pizza ovens in outdoor kitchens that now you want one too for your outdoor space. Actually, these types of ovens are not only useful for cooking homemade pizza (and even then, we can talk about a lot of stuff), but for cooking any food that you can smoke, bake and roast. Indeed, pizza ovens heat up quickly and cook efficiently, offering a pleasant and delicious culinary experience. While many brands of outdoor kitchens cannot accommodate pizza ovens due to their size and weight, we at OF outdoorkitchens produce stainless steel furniture designed to safely accommodate a variety of pizza oven models on the worktop. But what can be the merits and various design choices regarding a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen? We tell you in today’s article.

The advantages of a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen

Including an authentic pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen offers a number of advantages in the kitchen, in addition to baking delicious pizzas, of course. Pizza ovens are typically heated by wood or gas, we know, allowing for fast and efficient cooking. Cooking with a wood-fired pizza oven is particularly advantageous, as it burns cleanly and gives the food a distinct smoky flavour. Although pizza ovens are typically used to bake homemade pizza, they can also be used to cook meat, roast vegetables and even bake cakes (you didn’t know that, tell the truth!). From your child’s birthday party to a quiet evening with friends, an oven of this kind outdoors can also offer a number of advantages in company and entertainment. Place your pizza oven on the worktop of your fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a bartender station and your outdoor space will gain even more value.

Some ideas to avoid mistakes in the choice of design ​​​​​​​

Due to the size and weight of pizza ovens, you will need to be aware of how to incorporate one into your outdoor kitchen design. Since pizza ovens are multipurpose with their cooking potential, deciding to include one can eliminate the need for other outdoor cooking appliances, which will offer you extra space and versatility in your outdoor kitchen design in other circumstances. In short, you will need to choose between the pizza oven or other cooking appliances. Also consider various features and services that you would like to include, such as a bartender station and what concerns the refrigeration sector. You must take all this into account to complete your outdoor kitchen and the entertainment space.

Why choose OF outdoor kitchens?


When you have decided to design an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, we at OF outdoorkitchens offer:


  • Semi-customized furniture in 304 or 316 stainless steel, available in many sizes and variety of types.
  • Different types of painting and treatment for the furniture, with a choice of many finishes, for low maintenance outdoors.
  • Furniture designed to accommodate even the heaviest pizza ovens.
  • Appliances cabinets designed to accommodate virtually all outdoor appliances.
  • Unique features and services to create a complete outdoor living space.
  • Experienced designers who can help you bring your outdoor kitchen to life.


So, are you ready to start designing your outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven? Contact us for more information on outdoor kitchens designs.