An outdoor kitchen for your garden? Here are some tips for patio design

When we think of an outdoor kitchen in our garden, the most practical solution is definitely a patio. This is a very convenient addition to courtyards and outdoor conviviality spaces. Patios are built into the ground, thus providing a flat and stable surface to install outdoor kitchens and other facilities. Depending on the material, patios can be relatively inexpensive and remarkably versatile. Let’s understand them better.

The different varieties of patios construction

Patios can be constructed using a variety of materials, colours and designs. The size and shape of your patio is determined by the outdoor space available. Common patio features include kitchens, fire pits and seating. The flexibility of OF outdoorkitchens’ design allows to design a stainless steel kitchen suitable for any patio. Here we talk about the outdoor patio kitchens and how they help create the outdoor entertainment space of your dreams.

Outdoor patio: design and benefits

If you do not currently have a patio, it can be an advantageous addition to your garden. A patio is a smart solution because it creates a finished space for a variety of small outdoor luxuries. These luxuries can include a dining area, an outdoor kitchen and bar, and a pizza oven. For additional benefits, and if you have a pool, consider an outdoor kitchen on a patio adjacent to the pool. As for construction materials, you can opt for different choices, such as concrete or brick. Each material for terraces has its pros and cons, as well as several options for the design of your living space. Concrete and brick tend to be more solid than other materials, although they require maintenance. They can also be painted in the colour of your choice. The stone? Of course, you could also choose this material, as it is available in a variety of textures and colours. You can also enjoy trying different designs and patterns for stone and brick, making the patio unique according to your taste. Regardless of the choice of material, any properly built patio will be a solid base for an outdoor kitchen and other facilities.

Layout of outdoor kitchens

The layout of an outdoor kitchen should be decided according to the shape and size of the patio. In addition, you will need to consider where to place your kitchen and the features you wish to include. In this case, there are several factors you will have to rely on. For example, you will not have to fix cooking appliances against any combustible structure for safety reasons (we have seen it several times in our blog articles). To enjoy the maximum benefits, you may want to install your kitchen near areas such as a seating area. Smaller courtyards will benefit from a range of cabinets to make the most of the space. They are ideal for a small outdoor kitchen, a grill station or an island. Other kitchen layout shapes, such as L-shaped, U-shaped or G-shaped, are more functional for cooking and preparation due to their workflow. Your design can change depending on the appliances and facilities you wish to include in your layout. Some additions that are highly valued by our customers for an outdoor kitchen include grills, outdoor fridges, sinks and rubbish cabinets. Our showroom will present you a variety of outdoor kitchen and patio grill ideas for inspiration. Come and visit us, and we will be happy to give you all the best tips on your patio and outdoor kitchen.