Photo Outdoor kitchen furniture: what you need to pay attention to before buying it

Outdoor kitchen furniture: what you need to pay attention to before buying it

Buying furniture for our home is always a very important step, for any room. When choosing furniture for your indoor kitchen, the two main aspects you consider are: the amount of storage space it provides and how it looks. Only then will you also make an assessment on durability (and in general good indoor kitchen furniture should last at least 15-20 years before being replaced, finished or renewed). With outdoor kitchen furniture, however, the durability will be at the top or almost at the top of your priority list when a purchase decision is made. Let’s see then what to pay particular attention to when choosing it.

Some considerations to keep in mind before choosing furniture for an outdoor kitchen

Because they must be able to withstand the demands of an external environment (especially if you live in areas with a harsh climate, or if you live in a seaside location), the type of outdoor kitchen furniture materials you choose is important if you want to enjoy years of use. Different materials are available for outdoor cabinets and kitchen furniture. The most popular types are stainless steel. There are also those who prefer marine aluminium, masonry, PVC or wooden furniture. It goes without saying that we at OF consider stainless steel the main material for an outdoor kitchen furniture. The reason is understandable: the four basic parameters to consider for this choice are respected. Do you want to know these parameters? Here they are.

The four basic parameters for outdoor kitchen furniture

T here are four most important features to take into account when choosing furniture for your outdoor kitchen. 


  • Durability: even if they are in a covered outdoor kitchen, the furniture must be highly resistant to moisture, robust enough to withstand extreme temperature changes and able to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Aesthetics: cabinets and furniture for outdoor kitchens should look high-end and aesthetically complement the other key features of your outdoor kitchen, such as the worktop, grill and other appliances.
  • Build quality: the build quality of the furniture must be able to withstand the wear of regular long-term use. High quality hardware must be used, in particular, for things like hinges, drawers’ rollers and doors and drawers’ handles. The entire structure of the cabinets and furniture, and not only that of the doors or drawers, must be of high quality. This last point sometimes weighs on the lowering of the cost of indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinets.
  • Ease of maintenance: cleaning liquid and grease spills and cleaning outdoor furniture must be easy. Moreover, furniture shall not require major maintenance work every few years.

These considerations will certainly lead you to choose stainless steel as the material for your outdoor furniture, precisely because steel, especially in grade 304 or 316 (marine steel), has all the features listed above. Take a look at the OF outdoorkitchens catalogue to choose the furniture that best suits your outdoor kitchen. From the most classic to the most modern, according to the latest design trends (very beautiful also those in total black), you will certainly find the ones that suit you and your home.